Are you planning your new home interior design? Or planning to renovate your current home bathroom? Here are some bathroom design ideas that you don’t want to miss.

Bathroom Design idea for Home

To start with, you will need to understand that a bathroom is among the most intimate rooms in your home. It is not just another room with fixtures randomly placed in to fit. This article will walk you through the thought process of properly designing your home bathroom.

What size should my bathroom be?

Firstly, you need to understand that size does not matter when it comes to a proper bathroom for your home. The only important thing is that it is big enough for you to comfortably do your daily bathroom routine.

What do I put in the bathroom?

Think of it this way, all that is in the bathroom are things to assist you with your bathroom routine. Whatever you include in the bathroom, consider how it affects your routine. Say you and your spouse share the bathroom, you will need a place to store his/her toothbrush while not being used while you are brushing your teeth.

To make this a bit further, have you ever stepped into the shower and after applying soap all over your body you couldn’t locate the tiny soap dish on the wall? Some gadgets may be cool and shiny, but not very functional.

Bathroom Design Ideas with bathtub and ledgewalls

Here are some tips for a better bathroom design for your home:

  • Know your bathroom routine, and it is always good to consider everyone else who will use the bathroom too. When you are realistic, it will help you properly select the proper fixtures for your bathroom and, properly arrange them.
  • Add a ledge wall wherever possible; ledge walls offer a good space separation in the bathroom, e.g. Shower to the toilet while offering great storage space on their tops.
  • Check and re-check the slope; it is never comfortable when you shower and the water doesn’t run down the drain.

There are many ways to check the bathroom floor slope, but the easiest is using round marbles; simply release them from the corner by the bathroom door and watch; if they don’t roll to the floor drain, the slope isn’t right.

  • Tile your bathroom walls; it is not necessary that bathroom walls are fully tiled unless you are going for a particular theme that requires that. Wall tiles can be placed halfway, preferably to 1.2 meters above the floor, this is enough to prevent splashing water from ruining your walls.

This is however different for the wall with the shower; these walls need to be fully tiled. This will however vary based on your bathroom layout as some showers will require 2 to 3 fully tiled walls.

  • Add storage spaces; there is never enough storage space in your home, this includes your bathroom too. A small cabinet can be built into your handwash basin to store various things like your toothpaste.

As much as the cabinets are important; in your bathroom design, the most important is the towel rack. You will need one that can hold both one or two clean towels and have a place to hang the one you are using too.

  • Don’t miss these important utilities; some bathroom utilities are a must and must be properly placed for you to enjoy your routine. On the toilet, place a tissue holder to the left and a shut-off shower to the right.

Choose a combined shower anytime possible as this will enhance the showering experience. It is also always good to have a hot water option in the shower

  • Ventilate the bathroom properly; it is always great to have your bathroom with good airflow. This will help even make it smell better. Provide a big enough window to allow air in and out but with consideration for privacy. You can always opt for tinted or frosted glass for a tiny window.
  • Finally, have your bathroom well lit. It can have an additional mood light feature but is important that it is properly lit with white light. You don’t want to struggle to see yourself in the mirror, right?

It is important to understand that, a good bathroom design idea will not only make you and your guests comfortable and happy but will also raise the value of your home. Say you want to rent it out or sell it, a well-designed bathroom is always a plus.


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