Here are house organization ideas for every space in your home and more ideas that can be very helpful to organize your home. These organizing ideas will save you from the stress of keeping every space in your house organized. Whether you live alone or are a large family, you will always need these home organization hacks. Some of the things we use daily and others we use once in a while and these will need different forms/locations of storage.

These inexpensive home organization ideas will help you with your planning for various home organization products such as storage or cabinets and even with proper utilization of the cabinets you already have. You may even use it as your house organizer manual.

Solutions for Information Organization in your Home

Below are the typical activity zones, supplies, and storage units for your home information center. You might have all or some of these activities but we all have some. These storage organization ideas might come in handy. You may want to look up photos and quick tips for organizing any of the mentioned items that you don’t understand.

ActivitiesSuppliesStorage Unit
Mail & Paper Flow
Mail-In Box
Mail Out Box
School paper to sign
Kitchen (File System)
Folders: Mail-In, Mail-Out,
Appointments, Bills Due,
Bills Paid, Coupons,
General Information
Bill Paying
Bills to pay
Credit Card/Bank Statements

Envelopes, Labels, Stamps
Calculator, pens, post-its,
Kitchen, (File Folders)
or Home Office

Kitchen, a container with a lid
or Home Office
Message & Calendar
Message Pad or Board
Shopping lists
Telephone directories
Family or personal Calendar
School Calendar
Directions and maps
Tickets to Events
Kitchen Wall/Counter

Kitchen Cabinet/Drawer
Filing & Record Keeping
Financial Records
Tax Records
Medical Records
Vital Documents
Travel Information
Hobbies & Interests
Filing Cabinet
Meal Planning
Cooking magazines
Recipe File
Kitchen Shelf

Card Box

With the above house organization ideas, you can now easily organize all your household information properly. It is very convenient when things can easily be located within the house. With the application of these house organization ideas, you can now forget the headaches of trying to find your receipts or bills or school reports, you name it.

Now that all your home information is well organized, we will proceed with tips for organizing the two most important rooms in your home; the Kitchen and the bathroom. A clean home will start with the cleanness of these two rooms, and they are only clean if they are properly organized, right? Let us then look at more house-organizing ideas.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions | Organize your Kitchen

In your kitchen, your activity zone, supply, and storage unit might look like this:

House Organization Ideas for the Kitchen
The house organization ideas can be seen here working even in a small kitchen.
ActivitiesSuppliesStorage Unit
Food Preparation
Cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls
Spices, food wrap, mixers, blenders
Measuring Cups and Spoons
Dedicated Cabinets
and Drawers
Daily Cooking
Pots, Pans, Cooking Utensils
Potholders, Bake ware

Recipes Cookbooks
Cabinet next to the oven

Counter/Book shelf
Daily Dishes
Everyday dishes, bowels

Detergent, dishtowels
Scrub brushes, scouring pads
Wall/Base Cabinets

Under-sink cabinets
Food Serving
Platters, place mats, napkins, tablecloths
Candlesticks, Vases
Pantry/ Cabinet
Food Storage
Canned Goods, Bottles, and Boxed foods
Wall Cabinet, Pantry

Bathroom Organization Solutions

House design ideas used in the bathroom
When the house organization ideas are properly used in the bathrooms, the results are as tranquil.

Here are the typical activity zones, supplies, and storage units for a bathroom

ActivitiesSuppliesStorage Unit
Soap & Bubble Baths
Loofah, Shower Cap

Shower Caddy

Linen Closet, Cabinet
Tooth Care, shaving gear
Hair Products, Nail Care,
Medicine chest, Wall-Cabinet
First Aid, Ointment, Cold
Remedies, Prescriptions
Linen Closet
Cleanser, Sponges
Tile Cleaner, Spare Toilet Paper
Under Sink

With all the ideas and tips provided above, it is safe to say that now your house is well organized. It is, however, important to acknowledge that, these house organization ideas go hand in hand with a proper cleaning arrangement for your house.

With a proper cleaning schedule, you can save on time spent cleaning the home regardless of whether you are doing it alone, as a family or you have hired a house help. It is not easy to keep the house clean but is easier with a plan in hand. I hope this will be as helpful for you too. After cleaning, you may also want to make your house smell nice; you may find ideas about this here.

Team Cleaning Plan

This checklist assumes you are in a full-family house so that it can cut across all home sizes and varieties. To follow-up, each week assign capable family members to certain areas of the house to speed cleaning. You may post the list in a common area like the refrigerator door so they can easily stay on track. You may want to put up a pin board on a common wall visible to all too; whichever option suits you and your home.

To begin with, it is important to know that not all cleaning activities are to be done on a daily or weekly basis. We have helped you with grouping all your cleaning activities based on what intervals they are done, and even went further to include a checklist of the flow of activities so that you can easily track them.

Weekly Speed-Cleaning Chores List

Living Area

  • Pick up clutter
  • Clean glass, mirror, TV or computer screens, and tabletops
  • Dust Furniture, lamps, windowsills, pictures, and mantle
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Toss or recycle newspapers
  • Plump sofa cushions and throw pillows
  • Vacuum carpets and mop floors


  • Pick-up Clutter
  • Straighten closet and hang clothes
  • Sort laundry for dry cleaning
  • Clean Mirrors, glass, and tabletops
  • Dust Furniture, windowsills, and pictures
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Vacuum carpets or mop floors
  • Strip beds and wash and change linens (depending on your family, you may only change
  • sheets every two weeks)


  • Pick up clutter
  • Collect dirty towels and take to the laundry area
  • Spray and wipe the mirror with glass cleaner
  • Clean Sink
  • Use glass cleaner on the faucet and chrome
  • Spray the tub/shower walls with a heavy-duty cleaner
  • Squirt cleaner in the toilet and swish it around the bowl
  • Wipe off the windowsill and scale
  • Empty wastebasket
  • Sweep and mop the floor


  • Pick-up clutter
  • Clean the outside of the large appliances with glass cleaner
  • Shine outside of small appliances with glass cleaner
  • Wipe inside of the microwave
  • Wipe inside of the microwave
  • Wash and disinfect trash can: replace the liner
  • Sweep or Mop

Once-a-Month Chores

  • Polish wood furniture
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Vacuum baseboards, molding, stairways, lamp shades, and behind furniture
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Toss or recycle magazines
  • Dust Knickknacks
  • Wash throw rugs
  • Scrub tile and grout
  • Clean the inside of the medicine cabinet and other concealed storage areas; toss expired
  • medication
  • Wash the Shower Curtain and change the lining
  • Scrub kitchen and bathroom floor
  • Clean inside Microwave

Three to four times a year Chores

  • Clean stovetop and replace burner bibs
  • Vacuum vent hood and coils
  • Clean the inside of the oven; wash the stove knobs with mild soap
  • Wash woodwork
  • Polish silver or Chrome
  • Clean out the refrigerator. Wipe off interior walls and shelves. Clean the door seals with a mix of baking soda and water (an old toothbrush makes this job easy). It’s a good idea to keep an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to absorb smells. Use the same box of soda as the cleaning agent when it the time to discard.
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Wash walls and baseboards at least once a year

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