Colors for Small Space don’t have to be light or even neutral. It’s more vital to decorate a tiny place than it is to pick a color to make it appear larger. With the correct lighting, trim color, and accessories, darker hues can work effectively in small rooms. Regardless of the hue you choose, there are simple strategies to utilize color in small spaces that anybody can employ. Top designers reveal their preferred colors for small space decorating.

Colors for Small Space

Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter

Colors for Small Space: Benjamin Moore's Light Pewter

Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter is the best hue for small rooms. It looks nice regardless of whether the space receives a lot of natural light or very little, and it is uniform throughout.

Colors for Small Space: room with natural light

It’s a very light gray with no undertones of blue, green, or purple. It has just enough color to make white millwork or cabinets stand out, as it does in this dining room, while remaining light and neutral enough to serve as a terrific backdrop for artwork.

Hide Your TV/ Photo Frames With Benjamin Moore’s Baby Seal Black

This color is used to hide flat screen TVs/ photo frames on an accent wall in a tiny living area.

Colors for Small Space: Benjamin Moore's Baby Seal Black

Baby Seal Black is used as an accent wall in a small space because it really pops. This contrasting accent wall not only creates a focal point but also helps delineate a different portion of the room, which is often a compact space serving multiple uses. To blend in, we frequently use the wall for wall-mounted TV/ Photo frames and a dark credenza. The photo frame doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, and the room feels more spacious as a result.

Colors for Small Space: room with photo frames

Go Bold With Benjamin Moore’s Blue

Colors for Small Space: Benjamin Moore's Blue

If you want something strong and colorful for a small area, This vivid blue by Benjamin Moore is the best choice it has such a vibrant energy to it. Bold colors can add a lot of depth to a tiny area, and when paired with white moldings and trimmings, it brings a sense of freshness to the room. It’s both bold and refreshing, making it the ideal bedroom for unwinding after a hard day.


Pantone’s Ivory Cream

Colors for Small Space: Pantone's Ivory Cream

Neutral paint hues allow the accessories and art to stand out. Spaces that emanate simplicity appeal to me. Natural color palettes are typically used in my designs since they are peaceful and do not compete with artwork or other objects in the space. When I want a comfortable and traditional look, I turn to wheat colors like Pantone Ivory Cream. It’s classic and simple to stack.”

Pantone Glacier Gray

Colors for Small Space: Pantone Glacier Gray

For small spaces, grey is edging closer to becoming the new being. It’s a versatile and neutral hue. It can be used on walls, cupboards, counters, fireplaces, and furniture, among other things. It has a classic, classy look to it and is available in a range of colors. Its most appealing quality is that it may be used with any other hue.

This little bathroom has a refined appearance. Its light and airy appearance give the impression of entering a one-of-a-kind spa.


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